Thursday, May 22, 2008


Sometimes, we are all overwhelmed with the quest for money that we don’t remember making this money in the right way; especially in a way that will not displease God or discomfort somebody else. Let’s take for example, a man needs money to pay the school fees of his children and the deadline was very close. So he decided to go and visit a friend and perhaps ask for a loan to take care of the fees. On getting there, he discovered that the man - his friend was in the bath room taking his bath and the man left his wallet full of money on his reading table. He sits to wait for him but along the line he got tempted, he took the wallet and left with the mindset that nobody knows he came around. But unknown to him, his friend came out to peep at the person in his living room when he heard some foot steps.

The man was shocked when he came out of the bathroom and didn’t see his friend and his wallet but for old friend’s sake he didn’t react or think anything negative thinking it was their normal old friend’s trick. So, he started shouting his name to come out from where he was hiding but did that for few minutes and no response. He decided to take a step further, he got dressed and started heading to his friend’s house and discovered that his friend has thrown away his wallet on the way and the money has disappeared from the wallet. On getting to the house…will continue this story some other time but the most funny part of the story is that the man actually planed to go to his friend’s house after taking his bath and handover the money in the wallet to his friend to pay the children’s school fees…what did you learn from this story?

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