Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Importance of Teachers in Sustainable Development

Effective sustainable development requires understanding a range of vital ways to conserve, preserve, and responsibly use earth's resources. Formal and informal alike, teachers across all education levels play critical roles in promoting awareness and preparing students for careers in related fields. In order to solve the problems caused by irresponsibility, we must remember that teachers are so important - and here's why.

Early Childhood Teachers
Early childhood educators begin a student's journey of sustainable development by creating an awareness of family and nature. Lessons might include activities like drawing a family tree to see how we're all connected. Another lesson could be a trip to a state park, or around the campus to observe and name plants and animals. Parents can and should teach their children to make connections between what we do and how it affects our environment. Recycling and cleaning an area of a community with others are familiar causes that help them learn how we also sustain each other.