Monday, December 14, 2009

Self Control in Wealth Creation

It is an aberration to think or believe that creating wealth is just an act; it is certainly not an act by a lifestyle. A ‘self made millionaire’ could tell you that as well. It therefore means that the role of self control cannot be under emphasis. Making an act a lifestyle is like having a habit. A drug addict would tell he cannot live without drugs. The same should go for a person who wants to be wealthy and stay wealthy. Your thinking and actions must be saying the same thing and that is to be wealthy.

A wealthy man that lacks self control could in a matter of time become poor. Self control here talks about subjecting your mind and body to behaviors that conforms to that of the rich. It is about not letting your emotions overwhelm your positive thinking. Some of those behaviors are highlighted below:

Living above your means
It is almost impossible to become rich when you live above your means. Means here talks about your sources of income. If your annual earnings is $50,000 and you have the following expenses: annual house rent is $35,000, Total Utility bill is $5,000 and Car maintenance is $7,000. These few expenses is $47,000 without feeding and other sundry expenses. Now, such a person is already in deficit and would always be in debt because he may wants to maintain the standard he has already sets for himself by borrowing more money. But if he had self control, he would get an accommodation with a lower annual rent, get a car that requires lesser amount to maintain and et cetera.

Inability to save
This is a big problem for many people; they can’t save. They spend all that comes into their nets. Saving is another story for another day but saving is very important in our daily lives. Saving helps us remain liquid at all times; it brings food to our tables when we are weak to work or too old to work; we are able to invest wisely from our savings. We are able to meet unexpected circumstances from our savings. Another problem many have is saving and eating up the savings unnecessarily. This part requires a great self control. You have to be very strong to able to control yourself when your emotions tell you to take from your savings to buy the latest fashion or electronic.

There are so many behaviors we must imbibe and control if we really want to be wealthy and stay wealthy. Some of which I have highlighted above and some others you will find in my blog at

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Entrepreneurial Spirit – Part One

People always want to be among the winners or victors but not everybody is ready to pay the price. You may look at Bill Gate of Microsoft or Andrew Osakwe of Summit Ministries and say to yourself “I want to be like these men or even become greater than them”. It is a good disposition and dreams but my question is always this: are you ready to pay the price? Are you ready to do some of the hard things they did? To take the decisions some of them took? It is easy to dream and above all, it is a free commodity. Nobody pays anybody any dime just to dream and vision. You can dream all you want but also be ready to do what it takes to bring such dreams to reality. The essence of this article is to show you what the successful entrepreneurs do that others don’t do; the kind of spirit they carry.

Every entrepreneur has a dream
This is one basic asset every entrepreneur has. They all have dreams because without it, they get nowhere even when others think they are somewhere. It’s like setting out on a journey without knowing where to go. You get to the ticket booking office or the bus station and say “I am traveling but I really don’t know where I am going to”. Everyone will think you have gone crazy. Its funny but that is what most young entrepreneurs do. They just set out and launch with a dream and a vision. Your dream is like a propeller, it pushes you even when you feel like giving up. It is something you look up to achieve. It is only when you get there that you could say I have fought a good fight as Apostle Paul said in the Bible. This dream is not achievable over night; if it is possible then it is not a dream. It must be broken down to smaller achievable points; for example: X years goal, Medium term goal, small term goal, et cetera. Goals will be dealt with in another article. But what I am trying to establish here is that every entrepreneur must have a dream.

Every entrepreneur has a need to meet
What makes you an entrepreneur is the fact that you have been able to identify a need you are meeting. Every element of being successful entrepreneurs inter connects with each other. For example, meeting a need must be factored into your dreams or else you will have something missing and hat can frustrate you big time when you launch out. As you might have seen in my other articles at, you must be willing and able to create value by providing answers to questions or solutions to problems for you to be a successful entrepreneur. People are always wiling to pay for quality solutions, for things that make life easier, things that help do things faster and smarter, et cetera. The reason why Mr. A would prefer to pay the laundry man more money to wash his suite than what he would spend on soap and wash by himself is simply because the laundry man’s job is to wash and he is most likely going to wash it better and faster. Mr. A would have saved his energy and time for his core business.

There is always this driving force to succeed in every successful entrepreneur that separates them from others. That is the same reason several people may start a business but along the line, some fall off why others take over the entire business. We will dwell more on these aspects in the part two of this article.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Some Wealth Creation Secrets

Everybody wants to get wealthy including children and adults from different backgrounds. We all strive hard day in day out to do something to get wealth. There is this need in everybody to make money and make it quickly, especially for the male folks. Everyman wants to responsible and be able to take care of his immediate family. That is why they go all out scavenging and hunting for something to do to get money but man a times we all miss the mark because of our orientation and perception about wealth, riches and money in general. Many just desire to get this money at all cost or what repercussion the means of getting it might have on them or their children in the future. They say “the end justifies the means” not knowing that the means have its own place in the future. This article is to enlighten you and show you a little secrete about wealth creation that has been ignored by many.

The secrete to wealth is helping other people find answers to their questions or helping others solve their problems. As simple as it may sound it is a sure way to your financial independence. There is really nothing more to explain about this than to show you a scenario on how you could become wealthy by helping others find answers. This article will help you paint various pictures in your mind on several ways you could creatively make the world you have always dreamt of.

Let us use the following scenario as a case study:

Mr. A owns a transport company and he has about fifty taxis in his company. Each taxi uses about one liter of fuel every one hour. That means the company consumes about fifty liters of fuel every one hour, making it about one thousand two hundred (1,200) liters daily if they work round the clock. Lets assume a liter if one dollar ($1); it means each taxi uses about $24 worth of fuel making it about $1,200 daily for the company. If Mr. B comes up with an idea that could save the company about $700 from the daily expenditure while still running round the clock with the same quantity of fuel, do you think Mr. A’s company will not be willing to pay Mr. $200 for such an idea? Or even more than $200. If Mr. B does this for about five companies as a start, this gives him about $1,000 daily, $30,000 monthly and $365,000 annually. Awesome you would say, right? But this could in different ways, it could just be helping to students remember what they were taught in the class room before their examinations or tests comes up like an extra curricular class, it could be just helping potential entrepreneurs do feasibility study about the businesses they are about starting, it could be helping job seekers find the right jobs and helping employers hired the right candidate for their vacant positions, it could be helping a large company follow up on customers and so on.

Life could actually be easier if everyone realizes this and just be discipline enough to put it into practice. If this is true, that means there is no need to kill somebody for ritual just to get money because when you do that you are not answering nor solving any problem for anybody, there will be no need to scam others of their hard earned money because when you do that, you are creating more problems than solving the existing ones. Your struggle maybe, how do I know what problem to solve or whose problem should I solve? I would advised you go to my blog at and read some other articles there, especially the one I talked about the V.A.L.U.E. Wealth Creation Principles and subscribe to my email feed or simply bookmark the blog page to keep you informed of my article updates.. I believe this will greatly help you. And one more thing I like to say though it will further buttress in my next articles is ‘be hungry and passionate about your dreams’ and never ever quit fighting for it because quitters never win and winners never quit.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Real Estate Internet Business

Real estate as we know involves landed properties. The business may include the buying and selling of lands and buildings, the leasing of lands and buildings for residential and/or commercial purposes. Most real estate professionals make money from the sales or from the rentals. The purpose of this article is to show you and bring to your understanding how the internet can serve the purpose of a real estate business. They both have some common underlying principles.

The internet is a world of its own and like our world space (like lands) in form of websites could be sold or leased out for personal or commercial use. For example, I could host a website for my personal hobby or host a website for my business. Either way, I will be paying a fee to the hosting agent (like the landlord). You maybe asking now, how then do I make money as if it’s the real estate business? It is simple, you can host your own website, build it and create a niche for it and allow people to use it for their businesses. It’s like buying a land, building a shopping mall on it and allowing people to rent it for their businesses. People will pay you for the space they are occupying in their websites or even a blog. For you to achieve this, you must first make sure your website has good Google and other search engines ranking and it’s quite popular with quality information and content. It should also have good Alexa traffic ranking. Other businesses will pay you to occupy a space in your website or blog if it is highly ranked. More articles on how to create highly ranked and quality content pages in my blog.

In the physical real estate business, buildings can be developed and sold for profits; the same goes with the internet real estate business. You can buy a domain name, build it and sell it. For you to sell a website the above conditions must be met and even more conditions will be required. You may want to do a research on how and why Google bought You Tube and waned to buy Face Book from Mark Zuckerberg for about $15,000,000. These sites offer almost 100% free services and yet they are been sold for Billions of dollars, why? And you will be shocked at what you may discover but the good news is, you and I can also develop such sites and sell them over. First, we need to know that it is possible to do it and every other thing will follow. This is the purpose of this article; to let you know that it is possible and show you some basic ways you can venture into it.

There are smaller ways to start this kind of business and grow into a bigger one in the future. From experience, I would advice you start by researching more on this article’s topic to get more information. Other steps you may want to consider would be to choose your hosting agent, choose the kind of business you want to build, write your content, market your domain, et cetera. This may sound too rigorous for people who know nothing about the internet so I recommend starting out with a blog. You can be very successful in internet real estate as I have described above through a blog as well. A blog is like an online diary or online journal where you write almost on a daily basis like I do at my blog. Example of a blog is That is my newest blog about wealth creation and money making. You blog what you know and love to talk about. Personally I love blogging because it gives me opportunities to talk about what I love, what I have knowledge and experience in and also helps me to mentor others. Nobody make a daily or weekly post in a website but every blogger does that. This is why almost every good site has a blog link attached. You can even use your blog to create publicity for your website.

To get started with blogging, first you need to have an account with any of the blog hosting sites like blogger, hubpages, typepad, et cetera. I use blogger and to use them, simply go their website at and create a new blog. The site is interactive and simple to use. But before you jump there, make sure you have written some good contents for you initial posts, have your blog url and title ready as well. One way you could also make money from a blog is joining affiliate programs and putting their referral links in your blog or allowing advertising agents use some space on your blog like Google Adsense and many others. Learn more about blogging and other money making opportunities in my blog.

Monday, November 23, 2009

How to Make Money Work for You

Money is the best servant and the worst master. There is nothing more true than the preceding statement. Money can be a servant to Mr. A and a master to Mr. B; it all depends on how we handle it and the perspective at which we see it. Money is meant to be controlled and used wisely. Often times, i discover that, it is the poor that usually make money their master because it is kind of scarce among them. The scope of this article is basically about how to make money your servant; that is how to make money work for you even when you are asleep. First, I am going to give you few basic steps in creating this money;
• Look for a need to meet; create value people will be wiling to pay for.
• Put yourself in the position to meet the need
• Innovate ways to meet the need

With the aforementioned steps, money will always be flowing in your way because wealth always flows towards the direction of value. You can find more about value wealth creation at It is after this that we can then start thinking of how to make the money we are getting as a payment or reward for the value we are creating. You may be asking, how does money really work for someone? The answer is not far fetched; money works for you when you don’t have to be physically present in a place before you make money or get paid. For example, I don’t have to be in the stock market when i am being paid my dividends. The basic way to make money work for you is through Investment. Money invested will always work for you now and in the future. There are several things you could invest your money into, for example:
• Shares
• Bonds
• Treasury Bills
• Small Businesses
• Real Estate or Property Market
• Metals like Gold, Silver, etc
• Crude Oil
• Forex Market
• Grains
• And many others

When you invest, your money stands for you and you don’t have to be physically present to do the business you have invested in but you get returns based on the agreed terms regularly. It is advisable; you invest if you intend to have a great financial freedom. Making money work for you is like saving for the rainy day. Everyone will definitely get to a point in the future when they are not physically strong to work for somebody or for themselves because of old age. In such periods, the major surviving tool to keep alive would be the money you have kept aside to work for you long before then.

I strongly encourage you to start thinking of making money work for you and incase you are still contemplating 'if to' or 'if not to start', here are some reasons why you should start now. Putting your money to work for you helps you:
• Prepare for retirement
• Put an inheritance in place for your children's children
• Provide for yourself when you are too sick or too old to go to work
• Do good without bitterness
• Become financially free
• Live beyond your salary and business profits

The mindset that you have money somewhere working for you even sets you free from some bondages and gives you options every time. In recap, I said: create value to get money and invest the money you get.

Friday, November 20, 2009

About Zazzle.Com

Ever thought of sending gifts to loved ones? Well, I decided to send a birthday gift to a friend in Ukraine though it has always been in my mind to send her a gift but the money was not always there and what was in my mind has always been an Electronic/Computer gadget. Her birthday drew near so fast that I almost didn’t know, so I decided to get her a gift through the internet. I had an idea of the site I was looking:
• The site must accept registrations from Nigeria
• Nigerian Debit Master Cards must also be accepted
• The shipping fee should be relatively affordable and cheap
• There should options to customize the items been purchased
• Highly quality products
• Fast delivery methods
• Option to track the gift

And some little other stuff I wanted. I used goggle search for days and all the sites I saw were either two or three items short of what I wanted; important aspects of what I wanted were left out. I was a little bit discourage and decided to do a light search and I found and to my greatest surprise everything was complete.

I designed my gift myself, very affordable prices and the shipping rate was very fair. They accepted my registration so fast and my master card was accepted. Just few days ago I got my card statement through an SMS and I saw their name in it. I never knew such a site existed. I can confidently recommend the site to anybody out there wanting shop online and ship to any part of the world no matter how far or small; use they have been tested and proven to be genuine and reliable.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Investment could simply be seen as sowing a financial seed to be harvested sometime in the future. Its like planting a maize seed now, then water it and cater for it as it grows, after some specific periods, it germinates, grows and then comes the time of harvest and you could actually reap hundreds or thousands of corn seeds. The same goes with financial investment. You put in some money aside now into a particular portfolio; this portfolio could be Bonds, Shares, Forex, Real Estate, Metals, et cetera. After investing your money into it, you watch carefully as it matures and after maturity you get your interests or dividends as the case maybe.

Investing is not as easy as it is widely claimed, that is why you must take time to learn about it. It’s like wanting to be a medical doctor, so you study for some years and satisfy your faculties and get certified. We could learn from the likes of Warren Buffet and his mentor. They didn’t wake up one day and became authorities in investment. Buffet came this far because he has put in a lot of time to study and practice. And I advice you do the same. I am going to share some few investment tips here but the greater work is for you to do your personal research and study:
• Don’t invest the money you need for your daily living
• Don’t invest in a business or sector you know nothing about
• Don’t invest out of ear or greed
• Don’t be to hasty to invest without careful analysis
• Don’t invest in a business because your friend invested and made money from it
• Don’t invest to show off
• Don’t be afraid to start investing
• Don’t invest without having a take profit and stop loss pints in place
• Don invest more than 10% of your total equity into a single fund
• Try to maintain a balance portfolio; low risks, medium risks and high risks.
• If investment is something you want to really go into, then choose a mentor for personal guidance
• From time to time, review your portfolio and make adjustments.

I could go on and on but will put a pause here and continue some other time. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How to Make Money Online

The question in the minds of many is, is it really possible to make money online? And the answer I have is yes. It is really possible to make money online if you know what you are doing and how to do it. Many people have tried to do this but retired so early because of the few challenges they met on their way. Nobody ever said the journey will be smooth without battles. Life is always full of battles which we must fight and conquer. That is what makes a true man. Online business success is not different, you start climbing from the bottom of the ladder and as you climb higher you become stronger and stronger up to the extent that you become a coach.

It is very interesting to me doing my business online. I started using the internet actively since 1999; that is about 10 years ago! When I knew about he internet, it was all for pen pals and Yahoo chats. I was not aware that people could actually make genuine money from the internet and my first exposure to online money making was internet scams but I had the conviction that if some persons were illegally getting money form the internet, then I could make money from it as well through legal means and that quest has brought me this far.

Now, you may be asking yourself if I were among those self made millionaires through the internet. Well, you may get to know me better as you follow me on this bog. Before I run out now, let me quickly share with you some of the ways you could make money online and when I return, I will give more details about them. One of my best ways is blogging for money. I love it because its like making money from what you normally do for free. I like writing and writing for money sounds very interesting for me. Also, you could participate in several Affiliate Marketing Programs like Commission Junction, Google Adsense, Obeux, et cetera. You can also trade online; Metals, Currencies – FOREX, Stocks are some of the things traded online. There are some sites that offer paid surveys, errant jobs, transcription jobs, online consultancy jobs and many other kinds of offers. These and some other online making opportunities will be discussed here in this blog regularly. From time to time, I will posts Job vacancies, property news and other relevant information that could boost your financial state. And if there are areas you want me to include, please feel free to contact me and I will do justice to it. Thank you.

Management Strategies For Africa (MSA) Vacancy

Management Strategies For Africa (MSA) is an indigenous African, charitable social enterprise, a not-for-profit organization, with a focus on improving institutional, organizational and program effectiveness of health development organizations, Working with partners, MSA is responsible for the organizational development component of TSHIP, The project is a 5 year program focused on the improvement of health systems and the management of health systems fix higher quality maternal, neonatal and child health, FP, and RH service delivery in Nigeria,

Working closely with TSHIP Senior Health Systems Advisor, other Specialists, and with the Chief of Party, the OD Specialist will provide leadership and direction in managing and coordinating the organisational development component of the TSHIP project ensuring alignment between the requirements established and what is provided to strengthen the capacity of project State and LGAs to effectively manage and deliver quality health services to the general populace in the focus state and LGAs,
Employee Specification:
• Minimum of post graduate degree in public administration, public health and or any related discipline.
• Minimum of six (6) years relevant work experience relating to organizational development or institutional capacity building including four years in senior management position.
• Strong knowledge of working and operations in the public sector as well as work at the local government level.
• Excellent conceptual, analytical, writing and oral communication skills
• Strong team playing qualities /experience
• Mature, sensitive and caring but firm and decisive, able to assume and account for highest level of management responsibility
• Tolerant of ideas, opinions and views of others
• Ability to speak Hausa fluently and familiarity with Northern Nigeria is an advantage,

LGA DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR (Bauchi & Sokoto - 3 Positions each)
Working closely with the OD Specialist and the Field Operations Manager, the LGA Development Coordinator will support the LGA, health Coordinator in providing technical support in the development and management of effective system for coordinating, managing, supervising and monitoring the delivery of quality and high impact health services for improved health care outcomes at the LGA level.
Employee Specification:
• Minimum of first degree in public administration and or any related discipline.
• Minimum of five (5) years relevant work experience relating to institutional capacity building or health systems development including two years in senior management position.
• Ability to work and relate well at the grassroots and with mixed group of individuals from diverse background
• Strong knowledge of working and operations in the public sector
• Excellent conceptual, analytical, writing and oral communication skills
• Strong team playing qualities/experience
• Ability to speak Hausa fluently and familiarity with the respective region (Bauchi or Sokoto State)
• Tolerant of ideas, opinions and views of others

Method of Application:
If you meet the above requirements, please send a résumé (not more than 3 pages), and a suitability statement to
The subject of the email should be your name and the position applied for. Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Closing Date: 20th November, 2009.

British Council Vacancy

The British Council UK's international organisation for cultural relations, registered in England as a charity, has the following post that is available in Lagos.

The post will be based in Lagos approximately 40% of the time.
• To support Examination Services in Nigeria by delivering School Examinations and Professional Exams in Ibadan and other outreach centres. To maintain them at the highest professional standards as set out in the British Council's Exams quality guidelines.
• To contribute to the development of British Council Nigeria as an innovative and high performing country operation.
• To model the values and principles of an integrated operation and to ensure that we are aligned with the BC regional and global priorities.
• To actively engage with and support regional developments. To actively promote service delivery in line with EO&D standards
Competencies Required:
• Delivery and administration of School and Professional exams
• Client and Customer Management
• Professional and Personal Development
• This position is a full time position.

Method of Application:
If you wish to apply for this post, please complete the application as requested. You will need to address the competencies in the job description
Application Pack and full job description can be found on
Please apply using the materials on the website. The application packs are in the following formats: Large print, Braille, computer disk or audio tape and guarantee an interview to disabled candidates who meet the essential criteria.

Applications should be sent to:
Applications received after the stated deadline will not be considered.
Telephone applications and enquires will not be accepted.
British Council is unable to process applications that do not conform to the required format, and will not accept curricula vitae or handwritten applications.

The British Council is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and is keen to reflect the diversity of UK society at every level within the organisation and welcome applications from all sections of the community.
Only applicants shortlisted for Interview will be contacted.

Closing Date: 24th November, 2009.

VALUE Wealth Creation Principles

VALUE in wealth creation cannot be under-estimated. Money only flows towards the direction of value. That is why a man’s wealth is always a function of the level of value he is able to create. This principle is based on five key points, highlighted below:

• V – Value could be in the form of answering a question, solving a problem or giving direction to the confused. In what so ever format it may be; it has the potential of bring wealth. Especially when he intentions are genuine. Let’s take for example, a multi–millionaire has a problem of a sick son and he has been taken to several hospitals but to no avail and you were able to cure him using some local mixtures. Do you know such a rich man will be willing to give you your price. I could go and on telling you how value could bring in wealth. At this stage, we would say the formula or principle for wealth creation is:
Wealth Creation = Value.
• A – Audience here talks about your reach, your market; targeted market. We took a step further from just creating value to the audience you want to reach. The audience you are able to reach with the value you have will also determine the wealth you are able to create. For example, reaching 100 persons that are willing to pay $5 for a value you offer is different from 500 willing to pay $2.5. So also, creating value for a company is different from creating value that could solve a national problem. Here. We will say that Wealth Creation = value x Audience.
• L – Leverage is like an advantage gained by being in a position to use something. This means, we could create more wealth with the help of some external tools. There are several tools we could talk about here but we would restrain ourselves to the use of people. Two good heads are better than one they say, right? Yes. We will definitely achieve more when we have people working with us or for us (the former is always better). What would have taken you ages to do will be done in few hours and mistakes could also be minimized because of the quality of inputs you might get from other parties. Therefore, Wealth Creation = Value x Audience x Leverage.
• U – Uniqueness is simply standing out. Being different from the crowd. It will difficult for you to break and penetrate an existing market for example if you don’t carve a niche for yourself. The most outstanding person always get or attract the most wealth. You need to ask yourself these questions: what makes me different form Mr. A? Why would a client come to me? What would make somebody travel a long distance to patronize me? And you must be conscious of this fact if you must create wealth. Wealth Creation = Value x Audience x Leverage x Uniqueness.
• E - Efficiency/Effectiveness is about turning inputs into outputs for maximum impact and the amount of time taken to achieve this. This place more emphasis on you. How well are you grounded in what you are doing: how serious are you? How much time do you put into it: and many more questions will determine how efficient you are? Your level of efficiency will ultimately keep you in wealth and create more wealth for you at the long run.